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HiyaHiya 4" Bamboo Interchangeable Tip


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Discover the perfect balance of craftsmanship and comfort with HiyaHiya's 4" Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Tips – a testament to precision and natural elegance. Expertly crafted from premium bamboo, these 4-inch tips offer a seamless knitting experience, allowing your stitches to glide effortlessly. The 4" length strikes an ideal balance for versatility and control, making them perfect for various projects. Immerse yourself in the warmth and smooth texture of bamboo, bringing a touch of nature to your knitting journey. HiyaHiya's unwavering commitment to quality ensures durability, making these interchangeable tips an essential addition to your knitting toolkit. Elevate your craft with the precision and natural beauty of HiyaHiya's 4" Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Tips – where every stitch is a work of art.

  • HiyaHiya 4-inch interchangeable tips are comprised of a 3.25 inch tip and a .75 inch metal connector for a combined length of 4 inches.