Tulip Etimo Grandhook Crochet Hook

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The Tulip Etimo Grandhook Crochet Hook is a great tool for the person that loves to crochet. It has a smooth hook tip, the easy to grip shape prevents hands from tiring and the cushion support fits your hand comfortably.

  • the pointed, smaller head enables you to easily insert and pull out the hook
  • the deeper groove allows easy crocheting and provides a beautiful finish
  • the longer grip enables you to easily hold the crochet hook like a knitting needle when crocheting
  • the thumb rest on the front side and the grip extending to the back side on which your forefinger rests help you to hold the crochet hook without undue stress
  • the shape of the grip enables user to hold the grip in two ways:  pencil holding and knitting needle holding
  • Sizes:  10mm, 12mm, 15mm