Bohin Chalk Pencil & Refills White

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Bohin Chalk Pencil & Refills White is an excellent mechanical chalk marker is good on fabric and washes out with no marks even after ironing. Always test markers on your fabric. Chalk lead contains no wax and can be used on other materials such as wood paper and plastic. Contains 16 white leads.

  • practical for:  hobbies, sewing, quilting, model building, etc.
  • for labeling, marking, and drawing on a multitude of materials such as textiles, wood, paper and plastic
  • these chalk cartridges are special because, in addition to precise line markings, one can also carry out exact point marking on a wide range of surfaces
  • the cartridges come break-proof packed, are economical in use and can be easily changed thanks to the patented holder mechanism
  • excellent fabric use
  • washes out with water and can also be erased using special textile eraser (sold separately)